The Four Aces Story


Charting the life and death of the legendary 'The Four Aces Club', which began in 1966 in the entrance halls of the 1886 Dalston Coliseum and theatre buildings. Newton Dunbar a migrant to London from Jamaica who set up and named after a then popular cigarette brand to provide a live music venue catering for people from the West Indies.

It introduced new music genres to the UK and played host to some of the most Influential international music and musicians of our time. Home to many reggae sound systems including Count Shelly and Sir Coxsone, who hosted talent contests and made the discovery of Louisa Mark who gave birth to the
Lovers Rock genre. It was London's equivalent of the New York Apollo. The club hosted acts such as Stevie Wonder, Ben ‘E’King, Anne Peebles, Desmond Decker and Otis Redding. Visited by Bob Dylan, Billy Ocean and Bob Marley who were regular patrons. The venue played an integral part during 70s and 80s against the back drop of social issues like, racism, violence and SUS Laws in the UK.

In the late 1980s the Four Aces Club expanded and merged with the main auditorium of the Dalston Theatre. It became north London’s legendary home to ‘Club Labrinth’ for over 8 years. In 1991 ‘The Prodigy’ made one of their first live stage appearances there. It pioneered new genres of acid house, Hardcore, drum & bass and Jungle music. In 1999 the venue closed its doors forever.


Newton Dunbar, Bunny Striker Lee, Kenneth ‘Fatman’ Gordon, Clyde Best, Scorpion, Kelly, Milton Dillon, Asher G, Tippa Ire, Dennis Bovell, Kevin ‘Beefy’ Mason, Don Letts, Joe Cyrus, L.Specs William, Keith Drummond, Glenroy Blackstock, I-Spy, Lloydie Coxone, Festus, Ribs, Hitman, Trevor Saxon, Stanley Greaves, Joe Wieczorek, Billy ‘Daniel’ Bunter, DJ Slipmat, The Prodigy-Liam Maxim Keith, Ricky Ranking, The Slits-Tessa Pollitt Ariane Forster, Beverly Lodge, June Gulley.

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